Always Porter




What does it even mean ?

The development of porter is often attributed to a need for a strong, flavorful, and affordable beer that could cater to the working-class population of London. The term “porter” is said to have originated from the beer’s popularity among London’s porters and other laborers who worked in the bustling markets and docks. Its affordability made it accessible to a broader segment of the population, particularly that working class. These workers sought a hearty and sustaining beverage that could provide them with energy, refreshment and a little relaxation after a day of labor. Just like us.

What you need to know though

Rich and diverse grain bill for depth and complexity starting with a base of Golden Promise and Vienna, additions of chocolate malt, torrified wheat, Heidelberg wheat, Special W, Premium English Caramalt, and roasted barley. All English hops; bittered with Goldings, Fuggles and Bramling Cross in the whirlpool.

Dark and flavorful, stout and robust, with a rich malt backbone. High in drinkability, smooth creamy texture, slight alcohol warmth, dry with a lingering roasty finish, notes of chocolate, coffee and toffee, and a mild earthy and floral hop aroma.

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