What does it even mean ?

For the Latin educated among you, I’ll spare you the condescension, because if you read Latin, then god forbid anyone condescend you. But for the rest of us philistines, it means bird of prey. And if you, like us, watched that groundbreaking ‘90’s documentary Jurassic Park and found Dr Alan Grant’s theory that birds descended from dinosaurs too compelling to ignore, then you, like us, should enjoy an 8% DIPA with New Zealand hops and rye. Hold onto your butts.

What you need to know though

8% New England style DIPA collab with our friends from APEX Brewing.
Extra Pale Ale base with some torrified wheat and oats and a touch of malted rye. A heavy whirlpool addition of Ekuanot and Kohatu. Dry hopped with equal amounts of Ekuanot, Kohatu and Citra.
Bright golden with a heavy haze and a smooth mouthfeel, a slight sweetness and a clean balancing bitterness. Tropical aromas of mango, pineapple and some banana, some grassy notes and hints of stone fruit.

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