Barnaby Golden Lager

What does it even mean ?

In 2021, we sadly lost our close friend (not to mention American brewing icon), the great Barnaby Struve. Along with six other breweries who shared a similar affection for the man, we decided in his memory, to brew one almighty lager across six different breweries. Cheers Barnaby, to evil! (It’s ironic, we actually really like goodness).

What you need to know though

Golden Lager. Fruity and bitter just like the man himself, Pilsner base malt with a sprinkle of Barnaby’s favourite Golden Naked Oats for some silky smoothness. Hersbrucker and Spalter select hops from Germany. Golden in colour, creamy body, assertive bitterness and nothing quite says, ‘Gentlemen, to evil!’ like aromatic notes of melon and honeysuckle.

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