Bigger! Bolder!




What does it even mean ?

When has bigger and bolder ever not been better? Don’t answer that. Focus, instead, on all the times bigger and bolder was just better, objectively. When Cheez Doodles made Flamin’ Hot Cheez Cruncherz, when the Volvo V70 evolved into the V90, when Zlatan the boy became Zlatan the man, when Eric Saade the man became the… manboy. But most importantly, when New and Improved became bigger and bolder. It’s still new, but has it improved? All we can say for sure is that it’s new and it’s bigger, it’s new and it’s bolder and quite frankly who can resist such confidence?

What you need to know though

US/NZ/Aussie style NEIPA 8.5%. Simpsons Extra Pale Ale base with oats and wheat. Dry hopped boldly with Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin. Pale straw, unfiltered, creamy body, low bitterness, tropical and stone fruits with hints of gooseberry and grape on the nose.

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