Côtes du Ringön




What does it even mean ?

Brewed on the industrial Hisingen banks of the river Göta, where the westerly winds blow Kattegat air to mingle and swirl and dance with the shipyard flora, shaped over the years by a diet of democratic socialism and Volvo fumes, it drifts in through the windows and creeps into the barrels, creating an award winning wild ale, full of the funky complexity and striking local beauty that has come to be associated with the Côtes du Ringön.

What you need to know though

Gold medal winner at Göteborgs Öl och Whiskymässan. Lambic inspired Wild Ale 6%. Aged in oak, French wine barrels for 12 months. Citrus and grape with a distinct brettanomyces character. Sour, tart and complex.

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