Existens Essens Transcendens




What does it even mean ?

Existence, essence, transcendence. What about French you say?  Existence, essence, transcendance. And German? Existenz, Essenz, Transzendenz. Wow, what about Italian? Esistenza, essenza, trascendenza. Spanish? Existencia, esencia, trascendencia. There’s a not so thinly veiled message in all of that.

What you need to know though

US/NZ/Aussie NEIPA style 5.9% with a seriously vibey cat on the label. A showcase of the three great New World hop producers all in one can. Extra pale base, oats, oats and more oats, dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy and Mosaic. With all those hops, it’s got a lot going on. Light straw, creamy, full bodied, overripe citrus, stone and tropical fruit on the nose.

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