Fake it til you kveik it




What does it even mean ?

Fake it till you Kveik it. If we’d known in school just how little Gustav Adolf would feature in our adult lives, and just how much time we’d spend saying things with confidence about things we know little about, then maybe we would’ve all spent a lot more time playing Rappakalja instead. But we didn’t, so here it is, our homage to being bold without reason. To the peacocks and pufferfish, out there dripping with braggadocio, assuring us that this beer does in fact have notes of kumquat.

What you need to know though

Kveik IPA 6.8%. Golden Promise base, with Golden Naked Oats. Dry hopped liberally with Amarillo, Citra and Idaho 7. Fermented at pace with Norwegian Kveik Yeast. Heavy golden haze with notes of tropical fruit, stone fruit and lots of cantaloupe melon. Subtle bitterness with a sweet lingering finish.

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