Fashionably Late

What does it even mean ?

There’s nothing the punctual hate more than the late. And there’s nothing less fashionable than the punctual. But the fashionably late need the unfashionably punctual and the unfashionably punctual need the fashionably late. If the fashionably late had noone to set their clocks to they’d be neither late nor fashionable. In fact, time would lose meaning and society would regress. Cuckoos would fly free, GQ magazine would lose half of its advertising revenue, the Swiss economy would collapse. We’d lose the airports, the trains, and global shipping. Whale populations would boom, perhaps develop consciousness and supersede us as the intelligent being on the planet with their ability to live without clocks. We would return to a state not dissimilar to the early Babylonians and the unfashionably punctual would be left to fields while the fashionably late would wear beautiful high quality linen and drink wine.

What you need to know though

US/NZ style NEIPA 7.5%. Collaboration with our pals Finback in New York. Heidelberg Pilsner malt with oats and wheat for an ultra pale colour. Dry hopped with Citra, Idaho 7, Nelson Sauvin and Nelson Sauvin Hop Kief. The palest yellow colour, hazy with aromas of white grapefruit, tropical fruit and grapes, accentuated by the concentrated lupulin in the Hop Kief. Low bitterness and creamy, smooth finish.

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