What does it even mean ?

Norway. Our beloved neighbour. A brother, a sister, a partner. It was sad to have to split in 1905. We miss you. And perhaps we miss all the Fjords too. And even the oil you offered us for Volvo. Yes, we miss all those things. But especially the oil. And that sovereign wealth fund of yours. We’re good at writing pop songs though, perhaps we could trade a few classics for a Fjord or two? Hit me baby, one more… Fjords, was it?

What you need to know though

Collaboration with Amundsen Brewery in Oslo. DIPA NEIPA 8.3%. Simpsons Extra Pale Ale base malt with oats and wheat. Dry hopped with Motueka, Strata, Columbus and Mosaic. Pale in colour, creamy body, low bitterness and bold aromas of tropical fruits and berries.

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