Great Swedish Festival Beer 2023

What does it even mean ?

Brewers of the United Kingdom of Great Sweden and Skåne Län unite! It’s that time of year when the chosen brewers of this great, constitutionally monarchical country come together to make a beer to celebrate a great beer festival by making a great beer, a traditional and great Swedish New England style IPA. In collaboration with THIS IS HOW in the North, Benchwarmers in the South and Stigbergets in the West, it truly is an ale for our nation. With nobody forgotten, absolutely no one, all three corners of Sweden, North, South and West, united as one.

What you need to know though

US/NZ/Aussie style NEIPA 5.5%. Cereal bonanza with Golden Promise base, wheat, oats, rice and spelt. Dry hopped with Citra, Galaxy and Moutere. Pale in colour and hazy with strong mango and pineapple aromas. Medium bitterness with a creamy body.

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