Imperial DDH Killer Pale (Phantasm)




What does it even mean ?

But why don’t they want to eat us? What’s wrong with us? Ever since we were booted from the Garden of Eden and developed self-awareness it’s been a constant battle to be heard, to be seen. But by who? God? Our parents? Our peers? Our partners? Anything else beginning with P? We marched out of Africa, walking for years, eating what we could find, killing whatever got in our way, procreating even though we knew life was terrible. We cut our way through dense forests, we dragged our boiling bodies across deserts, climbed cold mountains and lived in caves for millenia. We learned to wield fire and roll wheels, to fly like birds and swim like whales. Whales! We were frozen, attacked by sabre toothed cats, drowned when the ice melted. We learned to farm but suffered frequent famine, we were often ravaged by bubonic plague, we hacked ourselves to bits with increasingly more powerful weapons, blowing ourselves into oblivion whilst wedged in trenches. We trawled the ocean for fish, crustaceans and whales. Whales! We invented fertiliser, vaccines, discovered antibiotics. We went to space, walked on the moon, landed probes on Mars, on Asteroids. Sent cameras beyond the solar system and saw the origins of the universe. And during that time we decimated the planet. Cooked it and covered it in plastic and mercury. Plastic and mercury everywhere, even in whale blubber. Whales! All the whales, Humpback and Blue, Mink and Beluga. Even the deadliest ones. The Killer whales. We even bullied them. We hunted and ate them, still occasionally do, intelligent and aggressive as they are, yet still they barely notice us. The most attention we’ve ever received from them is on our boat rudders. They’d rather play catch with seals and eat the livers of Great White sharks than have anything to do with us. We conquered the world, and they don’t even think we’re worth killing, let alone eating. They’re not threatened by our intellect or enticed by our pig-like flesh and after hundreds of thousands of years it seems nothing we do will ever be good enough for them. And so, we carry on, until someone, or something notices us.

What you need to know though

Imperial DDH (double dry-hopped) US/NZ style NEIPA 7.5%. Best Malz pilsner base with oats and wheat. Dry hopped with Citra, Ekuanot, Nelson Sauvin and YCH 303 cryo-blend. Light straw in colour and hazy. Tropical and stone fruit aromas, low to medium bitterness with a full, creamy body.

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