In Bloom




What does it even mean ?

Well that was a long, tough winter, even by Swedish standards. But now that the apple trees are budding and the bees are back in business making honey for us to steal from them, or rather we replace it, Indiana Jones style, for imported Caribbean sugar, so we can smother it on our Brie to release casomorphin into our brains to make us feel better about the climate apocalypse, in part caused by pumping jet fuel into the air, and diesel into the oceans, to make sure we get that granulated sugar to feed to the bees, so we can have their honey on our brie, which incidentally we buy from France. Wait, where was I? Ahh, In Bloom! A beer to celebrate a much welcome spring.

What you need to know though

US style NEIPA 5%. Golden Promise base with oats and wheat. Dry hopped with Citra, Eukanot and Idaho 7. Hazy, light straw colour, bold tropical fruit and floral aroma. Creamy body, low bitterness.

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