Juice Head Baby





What does it even mean ?

The bass line; a lively, vibrant sour interspersed with citrusy riffs and tangy grooves. The melody; a symphony of juicy exotic fruit and Madagascar vanilla bean offering sweet rhythm and zesty rhyme. Blended seamlessly to create a bold and dynamic harmony between juicy sweet, tart and tropical.

What you need to know though

Maris Otter base with a good dose of oats and wheat, soured with Lactobacillus helveticus and plantaram for a pleasant wild citrus profile, blended with pureed mango, guava, peach, passionfruit, and vanilla bean.
Bright golden yellow, hazy and velvety smooth, this is a tropical juice bomb with a lemony sweetness that finishes tart and refreshing. Bright and zesty aromas with ripe tropical fruit vibes and a tiny hint of creamy vanilla.

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