What does it even mean ?

Christmas lights! But that’s not all. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t draw inspiration from the breweries that came before us. For a Swedish brewery we have an alarming penchant for American hops and back in the days when we were mere enthusiasts, we held a special reverence for Julius by Tree House Brewing Company. Now once a year we like to pay homage by making a fruity Christmas beer with no discernible Christmas spices in it whatsoever. This tradition busting brew is an acknowledgement from Sweden, that just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean it has to have allspice in it.

What you need to know though

Pale in appearance, creamy in body, low in bitterness and packed full of pungent tropical and citrus fruits, our beloved annual Christmas beer Juleljus, is a merciful Christmas NEIPA brewed to accompany you through the hap-happiest (and also darkest) time of the year. It’s a Christmas miracle!

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