Just As Amazing Haze




What does it even mean ?

Just as Amazing Haze. Kind of. We love our core range of beers at Stigs, but sometimes we don’t want to go all in. So we’ve spent a bit of time developing some of our favourite recipes with lower ABV’s. Just as Amazing Haze holds onto all the core tenets of its older sibling, just at a more merciful ABV.

What you need to know though

Session NEIPA 3.5% (Folköl). An homage to Amazing Haze with a little less punch. Golden promise, Premium English Caramalt, Vienna, Munich, oats, rye wheat and more, dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic and Ekuanot. Gold-amber, light but creamy body, citrus and tropical fruit and a little eucalyptus hint in the background.

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