Kinolandet vin du jardin




What does it even mean ?

The chairs. One tipped over. Two Bees. No people. Just beeing.
One of our founding bar Kinos favourite import. A hawthorn bouquet to be enjoyed among the flowers.
This white wine is a product of Famille Chaudière, located in the heart of France’s Rhône valley. It is a single-varietal wine made exclusively from Viognier grapes, known for their aromatic qualities. The wine has been filled for us by Canman in Gothenburg.

What you need to know though

Made with 100% Viognier, this wine, kept at a low temperature throughout its vinification, expresses a beautiful minerality. Freshness and balance are pronounced on the palate, making this varietal wine highly appreciated as an aperitif. In appearance, the wine presents a gold color with a clear, limpid quality and silver highlights that catch the light. The nose is immediately greeted with a distinct aromatic profile, characterized by the fresh scent of white flowers and the sweetness of peach aromas. On the palate, the wine offers a fruity taste with subtle hints of lemon, complemented by a slight mineral edge that adds complexity to the flavor profile. This wine contains sulphites, which are commonly used in winemaking to preserve freshness and prevent oxidation.

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