My my, hay hay




What does it even mean ?

My My, Hay Hay is a very solid and in a way spectacular beer. It’s so well kept down to a minimum that it might pass as lame, or even dull. But it’s just as punchy as Neil Young ever was – in the same subtle and low key harsh way. We would go as far as to say that this is the core art of conservatism. The only way to embrace conservatism really. A better manifestation of the concept of rural treasure in late capitalism might be hard to come by! Could we build a business around this kind of beer? Probably not. But if we could we would happily let go of every other ambition and come to peace.

What you need to know though

British style blonde ale brewed with Burtonzied water to achieve that characteristic hop punch. A blend of pale ale and pilsner malts, complemented by Heidelberg wheat and spelt malt. Hopped with East Kent Goldings and new school British hop Godiva in the whirlpool, dry hopped with more Godiva and Citra.
Bright gold with a slight haze, soft and round, lighter in body with a pronounced hoppiness, pastry-like aromas of vanilla and blackberry, citrus notes of tangerine.

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