No Limit

What does it even mean ?

Pre-industrial brewing was a women’s profession. Did you know that? You’d be forgiven for not knowing that, given the makeup of the industry now. But change is afoot. Brewing women are returning faster and faster to the trade of our artisan great-grandmothers. So now, every year on International Women’s Day, women of the Nordics join forces to make one almighty ale, celebrating a millennia long contribution, unfairly forgotten, to the fermented barley juice we all know and adore. (Beer, that is)

What you need to know though

Hopping inspired by the Pink Boots blend from Yakima Chief Hops containing Ekuanot, Loral, and the creatively named HBC 586. Extra Pale Ale base with wheat, oats and spelt. Pink Boots blend in the whirlpool, and whole cone Columbus and Ekuanot hops in our makeshift hopback.
Super juicy tropical aromas of mango, pineapple and fresh grapefruit, with bright herbal notes and hints of pine. Hazy and full bodied with a clear bitterness and subtle sweetness. An IPA full of green fruit character, bright and fresh as they come.

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