No Money No Honey




What does it even mean ?

A collab with our friends at Verdant, we combined our mutual love of hops into one double IPA. Typically most higher strength beers require the addition of some extra sugar during the brewing process due to size limitations of the brewhouse. However our friends at Verdant have been getting great feedback from all malt DIPAs, and through some magic, sweat and tears we too managed to achieve all our desired sugars from malt alone. On top of this we pushed the boat out even further to maximize our hot side aroma hops using close to 8g/l of Citra, Citra Incognito and Simcoe hops. Fermented with the Verdant house strain rather than our own before going all over the top with nearly 28g/l of Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Simcoe and experimental YCH 303 cryo hops enriched with Phantasm powder, Sauvignon Blanc grape must. This beer is so big we lost 30% of the total volume to hops, think about that!

What you need to know though

A DIPA brewed with pilsner malt and a hefty amount of wheat and oats, with the most hops we’ve ever used in the whirlpool.. Dry hopped with Citra, Nelson Sauvin and more Simcoe, plus experimental Cryo 303, a blend of Yakima Chief’s cryo pellets and Phantasm powder, for increased thiol precursor potential.

Hazy, juicy and full bodied with a silky smooth mouthfeel. A subtle malt sweetness and a boozy warmth to balance the onslaught of hops, with a clean bitterness and lingering hop presence. Massive tropical, stone fruit, and citrus aromas, hints of gooseberry, passionfruit and pine.

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