Ojo Rojo




What does it even mean ?

Our good friends from Cervisiam came to Visit and what better to brew than one of the things they’re best known for, a big ol’ pastry Sour! Berries was the focus so what better combination than a blueberry, cranberry, cherry and Lingonberry (for that nordic twist) Sour? We pumped so much fruit into this one that we almost broke our centrifuge during the run! Add a sprinkle of vanilla and this beer is a real taste of summer in a can.

What you need to know though

An oat and wheat heavy sour with a touch of lactose and over 1200kg of Fruit to bring you an obnoxiously fulled bodied sour with bright berry aroma and a tangy finish. Fermented with our house yeast and naturally soured without pasteurisation so this beer will develop in flavour over time!

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