Same but different

What does it even mean ?

Forests, lakes, a light smattering of democratic socialism. A utopia in the sun, a winter wonderland in the snow. Fresh air, lots of space, no alcohol in the supermarkets. Lots of bilingual people and islands. They say opposites attract, but we think that’s incorrect, because Canada, we love all those things about you. And we love ourselves, just like our yoga teachers relentlessly tell us to.

What you need to know though

There’s an old brewing technique that has recently received some new attention in the craft beer world: mash hopping. The science is brilliantly complicated, involving processes like the biotransformation of glutathione-bound thiols, but the practice and the goal are simple: adding hops to the mash to maximise the fruit forward aromas of the beer. Along with our friends from Willibald in Ayr, Ontario, we experimented with mash hopping in this IPA and we love the result.
Pilsner malt base with oats, wheat and a bit of spelt, mash hopped with Mittelfruh and Mandarina Bavaria in the mash, Ekuanot in the whirlpool, and dry hopped with Citra, Ekuanot and Pacific Sunrise.
Hazy, golden yellow, with a juicy round body, subtly sweet with a gentle lingering bitterness, bright tropical aromas of pineapple and mango followed by orange and fresh citrus notes.

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