Second Coming




What does it even mean ?

The hazy, golden glow radiates with an otherworldly allure. The first sip unveils a burst of ethereal flavors, vibrant citrus and lush tropical fruits, that dance gracefully on the palate, lifting your spirits with each taste. The smooth, velvety texture wraps around you in a gentle embrace, offering a moment of pure, unadulterated bliss. A transcendent experience, the ordinary transforming into the sublime, leaving you in awe of the profound experience contained within each sip. Is this what it’s like to commune with angels?

What you need to know though

A malty NEIPA base of Golden Promise with a bunch of oats and wheat, plenty of Citra in the whirlpool, dry hopped with more Citra plus Mosaic, Simcoe and Idaho 7.
Deep gold with a heavy haze, round in body and smooth in mouthfeel with low bitterness and a sweet finish, bright tropical mango and pineapple aromas complemented by old school pine, big juicy grapefruit and orange zest.

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