Single Hop Citra




What does it even mean ?

Good things come in… various different numbers depending on the point you’re trying to make. In this case, it’s one. Good things come in ones. There’s a reason we all remember Lionel more than the Commodores, and Beyonce more than Destiny’s Child, not to mention Eusebio more than whoever else was on that team for whatever country it was (sorry Portugal). And don’t even talk to me about ABBA, because we all know who the real star was there… So here it is, an homage to the lone wolves, the mavericks, the ones who go it alone to deliver the goods and never let us down. Here’s to Citra, a Herculean Humle for the ages.

What you need to know though

A heavy dose of oats in a pilsner malt base for a clean malt profile that lets the hop character shine, and 2022 Citra in the whirlpool and dry hop Velvety smooth, hazy, and rich in flavour and aroma, yet light and drinkable. Low bitterness, subtle sweetness, intense citrus, lemon and grapefruit, followed by tropical mango, papaya and stone fruit, with some floral and grassy notes.

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