Single Hop Idaho 7




What does it even mean ?

Good things come in… sevens? Yes, sevens. Like deadly sins or Sebastian Larsson. Rainbows are nothing without blue, Snow White couldn’t have fought the Evil Queen with only six dwarves and we can’t imagine what we would do without Monday. Or Sunday! Would you have denied God his day of rest after creating the heavens and the earth? Can you comprehend just six wonders of that world? Six swans a swimming?! You get my point. Good things come in seven, always have, always will, apart from when they don’t… But remember, it took an Idaho one, two, three, four, five and six to get to seven.

What you need to know though

New England style IPA. The Idaho 7 edition of our single hop range. Exhibiting all the characteristics that show why it burst from the Jackson Hop Farm like the incredible hulk, demanding the kind of respect once reserved for Citra and Mosaic. Big aromas of mango and pink grapefruit, with all the familiar characteristics of the Pacific Northwest. Pilsner malt base with oats and wheat give a smooth, creamy body to compliment its unique hop character.

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