Stig Noir




What does it even mean ?

In the intricate dance of existence, the concept of balance emerges as a fundamental force, and nowhere is this equilibrium more palpable than in the interplay between light and dark. Within the realms of philosophy, mythology, the human experience, and beer, the importance of a dark side to counterbalance the light side becomes apparent.

The light side, radiant with positivity, enlightenment, and New England IPAs, serves as a guiding force, illuminating paths of hope, love, compassion and tropical fruit. Yet, it is in the shadows that the essence of balance takes shape. The dark side, often misconstrued as solely malevolent, serves a crucial purpose in this cosmic equilibrium; it encapsulates introspection, resilience, black IPAs and the raw authenticity that emerges from confronting one’s own shadows. Like a crucible for growth, it challenges individuals to navigate through fears, uncertainties, and the hazy juicy trends of yesteryear, paving the way for personal evolution. It acts as a counterweight, preventing complacency, stagnation and bandwagon trends, pushing individuals to innovate and persevere in the face of adversity.

Like the yin and yang, the coexistence of light and dark is not a battle for dominance but a dance of unity, where each complements the other, creating a harmonious tapestry of existence in which New England and black IPAs can be equally enjoyed by all.

What you need to know though

A black IPA brewed with Golden Promise, a little wheat, and some dark roasted malt layered into the lauter tun, loaded up with the classics Columbus and Simcoe in the kettle and whirlpool, with even more Columbus and Simcoe plus a sprinkling of Ekuanot in the dry hop.

Deep black, smooth mouthfeel and medium body. Slightly sweet up front, finishes dry with a clear bitterness that lingers with deep roasted coffee and dark burnt sugar. Bright pine, earthy, citrus and grassy hop aromas with a hint of tropical fruit.

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