Stig Nouveau




What does it even mean ?

A renaissance is on the horizon. A time of significant cultural, intellectual, and artistic transformation, evolving our perspective of beer, its styles, and the industry as a whole. To mark this rebirth, and usher in this new era, at whose doorstep we already are; we present Stig Nouveau.
In true renaissance fashion, Stig Nouveau combines a profound embrace of innovation, breaking away from the constraints of status quo thinking and IPA brewing, with a revival of classical elements, drawing inspiration from established, time-honored styles and flavors, and incorporating them with a renewed perspective. Neither purely hazy or New Englandy, nor strictly bitter or old school West Coasty, Stig Nouveau is notably distinct and youthfully exuberant.

What you need to know though

A blend of Pilsner and Maris Otter base with a little Heidelberg wheat, Columbus, Mosaic and Idaho 7 in the kettle and dry hop. Bright and clear, straw yellow in color, dry and clean with a clear bitterness, aromas of fresh red berries, sour cola gummy candy, orange marmalade, and an herbal note reminiscent of earl gray tea.

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