What does it even mean ?

As the sun comes out, so do we. ‘Tis the season for gatherings in the park, balcony hangs, picnics, and impromptu football matches. As spring melts into summer and temperatures begin to rise, the hunt for a bright, refreshing beverage for our once-again social selves to sip on begins. Something approachable yet invigorating. Sessionable, thirst-quenching, but tasty.
Enter STIG, that reliable friend who’s quietly indispensable. Unassuming and reserved, content to play a supporting role, never seeking the limelight. Adding a dimension to those sunny days in a way you’ll only notice when it’s missing. Keeping things interesting without overwhelming, all with a cool, hoppy punch. Proving that while it may not be the life of the party, STIG is always there when you need it most.

What you need to know though

A lighter sunnier sessionable version of our classic NEIPAs. Golden Promise malt base with a touch of oats and wheat, 100% Citra whirlpool hopped and 100% Mosaic dry hopped.
Golden yellow with a moderate haze, light bodied and clean with a finish on the drier side and a subtle hoppiness. Fresh stone fruit aromas up front, followed by notes of berries and fresh cut grass. Bright, simple and refreshing.

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