What does it even mean ?

Watch out America, the Antipodes are coming for you. Although we love, dare I say adore hops from the Pacific Northwest, we’re actually fairly polyamorous when it comes to where we buy them from. Judge us if you must, monogamists, but there’s too much irresistible variety in the world to settle for one hop region and one alone. When mango doesn’t cut it we can go to Japan for a little lemon and dill. When we’re done with dill take us to Europe and give us herbs and when we’re done with herbs, take us to New Zealand and give us the red fruited magnificence of Superdelic.

What you need to know though

A collaboration with two of our favourite hop suppliers Yakima Chief Hops and NZHops, this IPA highlights the newest variety to come out of New Zealand, Superdelic. A playful hop offering something a little different with bright red fruit and berry candy characteristics on top of the usual citrus and tropical fruit. Think red lollipop!
The usual heavy dose of oats for a NEIPA, with a base of lager malt for a clean malt profile that lets the hop character shine, hopped with 100% Superdelic in the whirlpool and dry hop.
Juicy and fruity with a heavy haze and smooth creamy body, soft and sweet with low bitterness, aromas of red berries, fruity candy, sweet mango and citrus.

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