What does it even mean ?

Once, twice, three tiiiimes a seagull. Motown records were probably right when they dissuaded Lionel Richie from releasing a song about a local seagull he loved and persuaded him to write about a human woman instead, “his wife”. Although for our purposes that song would’ve been useful. But that’s neither here nor there. In 2023 we turn 10! One whole decade of making beer. And although that feels like a while, to put that in context, Jupiter hasn’t even finished orbiting the sun since then. But ten earth years certainly feels like an accomplishment, especially given the… world as it is. But let’s not think about that either. Here’s a beer for 10, rollercoaster earth years and many more to come. Long live the mås!

What you need to know though

US/NZ TIPA NEIPA 10%. It’s obviously important to have such a convoluted acronym for such a special beer.

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