Våt katt




What does it even mean ?

The humble cat. Pet, companion, heater, pest controller and small bird decimator. We love cats but we also love small birds and their fraught relationship weighs heavily on us. When the summer rain rolled in like autumn we thought to ourselves, well at least this is good for the small birds. The cats, of course, will stay indoors where it’s warm and dry to avoid the rain. But no, we were wrong. Because what the cats know, that we didn’t foresee, is that the sound of rain muffles the sound of their paws as they prowl low on the ground. While a small, innocent sparrow takes tiny sips of the rain water, the våt katt creeps up behind. So, when your murderous, little Smulan returns home wet, and you fetch the little cat towel to dry her off, spare her your pity, because somewhere out in the garden, a nest is one sparrow lighter than it was.

What you need to know though

Wet Hopped DIPA 8%. Collaboration with our beloved friends, O/O. All barley grain bill with Golden Promise base. Fresh Simcoe hops straight from the Yakima valley added in the whirlpool, then dry hopped in a later stage with T90 301 cryo, fresh Mosaic and Simcoe again. Dark yellow colour, heavy haze with strong notes of stone, citrus and tropical fruits with a lingering hint of pine. Low bitterness and creamy body.

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