What does it even mean ?

Vinterbloss! Winter smoke, winter flare, winter sparkler, winter puff of smoke. One thing we can all agree on is vinter means winter. The rest is up for debate. We just enjoy quirky Swedish wordplay that’s hard to translate, is that okay?

What you need to know though

We thought it important to brew a little compliment to the seasons. Our Vinterbloss Rauchbier is a smokey ode to the darker days of the year. A Rauchbier’s not a Rauchbier without beechwood smoked malts from Bavaria and we’ve blended these with some darker malts for an extra roasted bitterness and added Diamant and Tettnanger hops from Germany for a little herbal complexity to round it all off. It’s a smokey winter delight, a vinterbloss if you will.

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